what we do

rosemary hardham & associates has a commitment to providing clients with the most appropriate solution to their specific recruitment needs. We appreciate that the ‘one size fits all’ solution does not always recognise the changing circumstances that clients have from time to time. We work with you to tailor the most appropriate strategy for your business at the time.

Typically solutions include:

  •  end-to-end recruitment campaigns that identify and implement strategies to attract high calibre candidates to a concept and brand, linking into the ‘passive’ and active candidate pool.
  • in times of peak workload or budgetary constraints, we are able to assist you in all or part of your recruitment process –
    • working alongside your team handling part or all of the recruitment process under your banner
    • writing and placing ads that maximise branding and attraction
    • participation as part of your panel interviews, including question preparation and facilitation of the interview process.
  • “coaching for success” and “marketing your best asset” are programs designed for clients and individuals to maximise success through effective interviewing and selection techniques.

To discuss your specific recruitment need contact Rosemary Hardham on +613 8648 6552 or solutions@rosemaryhardham.com.au